Create best practices before and after rebooting SQL server

i am looking for DBA that can help me to create procedure that would describe what needs to happen before and after MS SQL Server patching. My goal is to creat guidance for IT patching team so they can follow procedures before and after restarting SQL server. For example,
1. Execute backup.
2. Make sure all sql transactions are closed
3. Check services status.
4. Execute script to stop sql services
5. Etc...

Can you please assist?

Perhaps, you have established this kind of process in your organization that works and you can share it.

Thx, M
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A test environment to validate patches will not adversely impact would be the first thing.

There is no procedure one can come up with to eliminate interruptions, usually,
Backup, of both system and databases.
Change/outage window where the apps that depend on the database can be diverted, and then have the updates applied.

You should have a dependency I.e. Which applications depend on the database, .....etc

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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Patching shouldn't occur during high activity periods. In fact, usually patching occurs during nights and/or weekends to allow any rollback time if needed.
With that said, choose the best period for the patching process, by taking in consideration user activities and scheduled jobs, so they won't be affected. Always inform the users, at least a month before so they can organize themselves and be ready for the downtime. And keep warning them, like every week so they don't have any excuses about not seeing the warnings. And very important, warn them a day before, , 1h before, 5 minutes before and last warning exactly on the moment that you'll start the patching process.
michalek19Author Commented:
What Pre Validation Checklist before restart and after?
Is there any guidance on this matter?
That comes into place with dependency write ups. i.e. when the task is complete, what applications rely on the database servers as to avoid chasing issues down, when the update might be the issue.

Presumably this is a monitored environment, where  a web based app whose data resides on this sql server is so entered. i.e. the web server triggers a 500 error because it can not access the database...

having a complete picture of the environment is important. the way you frame it the IT delegated to perform the update is an all or nothing type of scenario, perform the update, if any issues, roll back.

Using a test environment that is a small scale of the production, would allow the mitigation of issues by having the update applied and validated.... it is not a guarantee, but ...

Other complex setups on the database side, log shipping, publishing, db mirror, clusters, etc. get involved and the person familiar with the operation should writeup.

when there are two servers that have interdependency, both need to have the same update applied.... cluster, the SQL is updated on all node members at the same time. the other option, is more complex/riskier in the event of a single node, a failure on said node, and .....
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Recommendation to close this question by accepting the above comments as solution.
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