Switching from a subform on one tab, to a subform on another tab, finding a record

I have a form with a tab control. One tab contains a data entry single form for delivery dispatches. Another tab contains a continuous form that lists all the dispatches for an individual location, chosen by a combo box on that form. The continuous form has an object containing the dispatch id. The single form has a hidden text box containing the dispatch id. If I'm on the continuous form, on a particular record, how can I switch to the single form, displaying the dispatch corresponding to the current record on the continuous form?

Thank you
Tom LobbAccess database developerAsked:
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Dale FyeCommented:
Assuming your have controls:


And that the single form subform is not filtered based on a master child relationship to the main form,

I generally do is something like using the click event of a button on the continuous form, or the double click event of the record selector on that form:
Private Sub cmd_EditRecord_Click

    with me.parent.sfSingle.Form.RecordsetClone
        .FindFirst "DispatchID = " & me.txt_DispatchID
        if .nomatch then
            msgbox "no matching record"
            me.parent.sfSingle.bookmark = .bookmark
            me.parent.tabMain = 1               'where you replace 1 with the tab page # associated with the single form.
    end with

End Sub

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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Though not two continuous subforms, this article may help you:

Synchronizing Multiple Subforms in Access
Tom LobbAccess database developerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback.

The first part is working. But on the line, 'Me.Parent!frm_Dispatch.Bookmark = .Bookmark', I get the error 'Object doesn't support this property or method'. Could this be that the record source of the single form is a query, using a few tables?
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Dale FyeCommented:

Me.Parent!frm_Dispatch.form.Bookmark = .Bookmark

note that i added the reference to the "form" object between the subform control name (frm_Dispatch) and the .Bookmark property.

Tom LobbAccess database developerAuthor Commented:
That did it. Thanks very much.
Dale FyeCommented:
Don't forget to close out your question.
Tom LobbAccess database developerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help
Dale FyeCommented:
glad to help
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