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My wife and I both have iPhone 6S phones.  Recently my battery usage has failed to take me through even half a day.   I compared my battery usage to my wife's (she doesn't have the problem).  My phone shows 47% "Home and Lock Screen" usage, by far more than the next most power-hungry app (Messages= 12%).   My wife's phone shows only 4% for "Home and Lock Screen", but I can't figure out what on my phone is accounting for the vastly higher usage.  Our Brightness and Auto-Lock settings seem the same.  What else can account for this?


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Sam Simon NasserIT Support Professional
whats the iOS version? are they the same? updated to the latest version
you can also check here https://www.apple.com/lae/batteries/maximizing-performance/
Look at your SETTINGS : NOTIFICATIONS .. turn it OFF for all apps which are not critical
Look at the Home Screen and remove all widgets which are not critical

Another thing you can look at is SETTINGS : PRIVACY : LOCATION SERVICES .. turn OFF any apps which you do not want to share / see your location.  On any others which you do want, set to "While Using the App"

Brightness and AutoLock are not really going to account for 47% usage.

Go into SETTINGS : BATTERY after a few days and see how the consumption has changed
Shaun VermaakSenior Consultant
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Check if you are eligible for a discounted battery replacement


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