Powershell to delete mailboxes and associated AD accounts

I'd like to delete both mailboxes and AD accounts, of disabled accounts in a specific AD OU?  Is there an easy way to achieve this with Powershell?
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Todd NelsonConnect With a Mentor Systems EngineerCommented:
You can use Remove-Mailbox ... https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa995948(v=exchg.160).aspx

Get-Mailbox -OrganizationalUnit "OU=Disabled Accounts,DC=domain,DC=local" | Remove-Mailbox

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Keep in mind that this command will remove all accounts in a specific OU.
Ganesh Kumar AConnect With a Mentor Sr Infrastructure SpecialistCommented:
There was similar thread already been provided solution for the similar request. while raising the question you might have got recommendations. Here is the link you should visit and clarify : https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/28969762/How-to-delete-Exchange-mailboxes-associated-with-disabled-AD-accounts.html
Naveen SharmaCommented:
Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
Sufficient information provided for solution.
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