Need to configure link between fibre channel switches

This question relates to brocade fibre channel switches and Fabric OS.
I've got 16 blade servers, each with 2 HBAs. On each server, HBA1 connects to fibre channel switch1 and HBA2 to fibre channel switch 2.  The storage array has 2 storage processors (SPs), and each switch is connected to both SP, so fibre channel switch 1 connects to SPA and SPB and fibre channel switch 2 also connects to SPA and SPB. Therefore servers have 4 paths to each LUN.
I need to add 2 new fibre channel switches in between the storage array and the existing switches so lets call these fibre channel switch 3 and 4 in order to give some more servers access to the storage array.
So currently we have this:
Storage array > Fibre Channel switch 1 > Blade server
and I am looking at doing this:
Storage array > Fibre Channel switch 3  > Fibre Channel switch 1 > Blade server

I would then connect new servers to the storage array via fibre channel switch 3 and 4. My question is if I want to connect two ports on switch 3 to two ports on switch 1 to create a trunk group (i.e. to increase the available bandwidth between the two switches), is there any additional configuration I need to put in place or would this happen automatically so long as I set up the zoning correctly? Also would I need any additional licences for this?

I hope I've described the current set up and proposed change clearly, but if not please let me know and I can add clarifications.

Many thanks for any help
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andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
At a guess you have HP C7000 with Brocade switches in the back, if it is you can see there is a license for ISL trunking, Telnet to it and run licenseShow to see what license you have.

You would have to change the domain ID of two of the switched as the domain ID has to be unique in a fabric.

What storage do you have, may be cheaper to add more host ports to it if possible.
TSC70Author Commented:
Actually no its a Dell M1000e blade centre. It's approaching end of life here, the reason for adding the additional switches is so that some new servers (which will replace the blades) and the old ones can both access the storage array until the blade centre is retired.
License show on the existing FC switches (the ones in the blade centre) showes we have:
Unknown1 license
Unknown2 license
Fabric license
Full Ports on Demand license - additional 12 port upgrade license
Licenseshow on the new switches:
Web license
Zoning license
Ports on Demand license - additional 4 port upgrade
Ports on Demand license - additional 4 port upgrade

Regarding domain IDs, presumably I can just leave the domain ID on the blade centre switch as it is, and just set a different one on the new switch?
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
No trunking license and suggests only the new one supports trunking. You can still use a single fiber for the ISL as you have a fabric licence plus of course the external ports can have non-blade servers connected to them.

Your M1000e is nearing EoL but it's still the current enclosure from Dell, why not just replace the blades with newer ones?

Yes, you would change the domain ID on the new switches, they will pick up the zoning from the current ones.

Oops, no fabric license on the new ones. What part number is it?
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TSC70Author Commented:
the 'new switches' are actually some old ones - its all part of a plan to migrate from old hardware to eventually replacing everything in a phased way. So the 'new switches' are Brocade 200E.

So if we were to purchase the fabric licence for the new switches then the basic idea would work but the ISL would have to be a single fibre, is that correct?

Many thanks for all your help so far
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Yes, if you bought fabric licences for the new "new" switches then it would work with an individual ISL. It may work without fabric license, the HP flavour had an edge switch form of license where you could attach a switch without fabric licence at the edge of a large fabric but not use it in a mesh so that may be covered.
Even Brocade aren't clear on that, see
"May be required on attached switches." rather than "Local and attached switches"

Bear in mind that when you connect two switches together they merge the zones so clear down the "new" ones first.
TSC70Author Commented:
Thanks for your help so far. Having done a bit of reading up I wonder if I could set the switch in the blade centre (the M4424 switch) in access gateway mode? I have no experience with access gateway mode personally so would need some research but do you know, would I still need the trunking licence if it were set in access gateway mode? Additionally would this mean that I would no longer need the fabric licence for the B200E switches?

This page from dell suggests that the 4424s can be set in access gateway mode:

and this Brocade page bascially shows what I would do:
On the lower diagram of the two (the one showing the switches set up in access gateway mode) this is pretty much how I would have it set, with the larger switch representing the 4424 and the smaller one the 200E, but the cloud labelled 'enterprise fabric' would in fact just be the storage array.

Do you know if the above would be an appropriate solution?
Many thanks
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Yes, that would work, you may have to upgrade the 200E fasbricOS so it supports NPIV though,
TSC70Author Commented:
Many thanks for your help with this - it looks like access gateway mode on the 4424 is the way to go.
I will post details once its been tried in case its of use to anyone else.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Did you get Access Gateway mode to work?
TSC70Author Commented:
Hi - its still pending at the moment but I am planning to go ahead with this in the next few weeks. I will post here once I've done so - thanks
TSC70Author Commented:
Hi - just an update - I have configured the 4424 switch in access gateway mode and connected the 200e switch, with the storage array now connected to the b200e (rather than the 4424) and this all appears to have worked fine - i.e. the blade servers still have access to the storage.
Many thanks for the help with this.
TSC70Author Commented:
As a follow up question, am I correct that for the switch in Access Gateway mode, it is not necessary to save the config? To be clear, I'm not referring to backing up the config - I have done this by backing up to our FTP server. What I am referring to is that when the switch is in native mode, after making config changes, you need to use the command 'cfgsave' in order to save the changes. My understanding is that there is no equivalent needed when in AG mode (certainly the 'cfgsave' command doesn't work in AG mode).
As a test, once I had set the switch to AG mode and made my configuration changes (hostname / IP address / port mapping etc) I then took a config back up and then rebooted the switch. It booted up still with the configuration correctly set, so to me that suggests there is no need for an equivalent of cfgsave but I just thought I'd ask as the brocade guide doesn't explicitly state that - or I couldn't see that it does anyway
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