command line lan messenger needed

I would like to send a message to all users on a network, on the same network I am connected on.
Software would be fine, however a command line solution is also good.
This is to be send from a Windows 10 computer to all users that are joined to the same network that the Windows 10 computer is joined to.
(net send and msg does not seem to work)
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Bill PrewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We had looked at this a while back and below are some of the things we considered.  We didn't get to any detailed analysis, and ended up just going to Skype for Business, but several of these could probably get the job done for you.  At the time we were looking for something that was peer to peer, rather than server based...

We also considered Trillian Astra local server platform, but we decided if we were going to get in that deep then we'd stick with a strong existing Microsoft infrastructure.

Bill PrewCommented:
Are all the computers running Win10, or just the sender?

Did you run MSG in admin mode?

Bill PrewCommented:
If you can't use MSG, then I think you would need to install software on every computer you want to send a message too, is that feasible?

And I suspect it would be GUI based, I don't think there are many of these that are command line based.

Most cost money, a few "open source" options exist, but those may or may not be robust enough for your needs.

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You need to think about a chat server strategy (and you will have to install the client on all PC's). Out of the box, it won't help you. The commandline message options are for domain based solutions. You are just on a network, and therefore, every PC is still in essence stand alone.
If you don't want a chat server, then use existing technology (have everyone sign into Google and create a Hangouts group)
100questionsAuthor Commented:
@KIMPUTER - Windows Server 2012 is available.  What server /client software is suggested"?
Here is the step-by-step tutorial
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