Setting up OneDrive for Business for 40 Users

My company has 1TB of storage with OneDrive for Business with our Office 365 licenses. We have about 40 users and  I would like to setup 4-5 directories and then share them with specific users based on who I want to have access to what files. Using Sharepoint is not an option for us, we would like to keep this as simple as possible.

I am hesitant to create folders and share them from current user accounts because if the user goes away so does their shares. What is the best practice to setting up a OneDrive for Business file share? My thought was create a user with the license needed that is just a "dummy user" and setup the shares from that account that way we manage all shares from that one account.

Is there a better way to do this? Or any other suggestions? We just want to have some files be available to users traveling or at home that don't have VPN access. Nothing with "secure data".

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captaink118Senior Information TechnicianCommented:
You know one drive for business is using sharepoint as a back end.  Why do you not want to use sharepoint?
ITIExperts1Author Commented:
@captaink118: I understand it's the backbone. However; we don't have the time or resources to dedicate to learning the ins/outs of it or hiring a 3rd party to set it up for us. Because we have OneDrive and the storage with the client already on my users computers, we would prefer to start with that and if our need grows we can dedicate more time and resources into it. Although it's the backbone, they are also technically 2 stand alone products, OneDrive will work for what we need for now.

Do you have any suggestions on my original question?

Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Well that's the thing, ODFB is not designed to be a replacement for file share. You can go with the dummy user approach, but that of course will cost you a license. Instead, you might look at Office 365 Groups/Teams - they have a "library" as part of them, and are more suitable for shared access.

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captaink118Senior Information TechnicianCommented:
OneDrive really wasn't designed for that use.  Groups/Teams like Vasil said is better.  Though Sharepoint is really what was intended for the use case.  If you wanted to force the square peg in the round hole.  You could try creating an account called File-Share for this purpose so that the the service account "File-Share" never leaves because its not an individual's account.  Then try to share folders in that service account's one drive with all your users.
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