Backup and restore exchange with veeam 9.5

Hi veeam experts

I am new to veeam

We ha e exchange 2010 sp 3 with DAG co figured

Now we are using EMC networker to backup exchange and networker after finishing backup the logs for exchange data bases will be saved and removed from exchange servers

 Y question how veeam will remove the logs if he use only snapshots agent less

I don't find anything in veeam doc talk about exchange data logs

We cannot let it expand for ever

Kindly advice
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Dariusz TykaConnect With a Mentor ICT SpecialistCommented:
Pls take a look at this Veeam blog regarding placing all DAG members in silgle job or splitting them to separate jobs:
Regarding log truncation pls take a look here:
Veeam Backup & Replication supports any configuration of DAGs, in particular, with all databases active on one node, or with active databases on every node. Transaction logs will be truncated on all DAG members, no matter whether Veeam backups an active or passive database.
Also a lot of usefull information regarding Veeam backup of Exchange/DAG you can find here:
Brian BConnect With a Mentor Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
Veeam doesn't use an agent, but can still be application aware. This has to be enabled. I have also come across a patch that addresses this in certain situations.

More information here:
sword12Author Commented:
Hi Bran B

thank you for your answer

but i still think about how Veeam will handle DAG

as you know in DAG some DB mounted and online the other DB standby

so when Veeam backup exchange DB how will know this DB now online and the other standby

do i have to make special configuration if we are using DAG

we have 4 exchange server   EX0 work only for client access  EX1 - EX2 - EX3  they have the other roles  

please check the attached files

so can put them all in one job and Veeam will be aware about exchange as application and DAG configuration ?

kindly advice
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