MS Queries suddenly became unable to edit

MS Query has abruptly become "uneditable".  We have several queries that were created in-house that connect to a Pervasive DB.  We have been running these queries for years, and simply change the date to get the information we need per month.  Until recently when we opened the queries through Microsoft Query, we had the tables displayed at the top and were able to make changes.  Now we no longer have the tables with their links visible, additionally under Table menu Add / Remove / Join Tables are greyed out.  The Show / Hide Tables, and Show / Hide Criteria buttons are visible and clickable but do not do anything.  If we recreate queries all works properly and is displayed / editable.  Any suggestions how to revert queries or potential causes?
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Sam Simon NasserIT Support ProfessionalCommented:
try this solved question if it help

The SQL server name may not appear if the SQL browser service is not running. Try typing the name of the server (if it is the default instance on the server that you want to connect to).

I think you can use the 'edit' button to edit the query for MS Query type connections. i.e. those that you have stared using the 'From other data sources/Microsoft Query' option. Such queries show 'Database query' at the top of the definition tab. You can still query SQL Server data via this option.

If you choose the 'other data sources/SQL Server' option, you have to edit the query in the 'command text' box below the connection string box. You can't edit the query using MS query. that is why the 'Edit' button is disabled.
ZorniacAuthor Commented:
Hi Sam,

I tried to search the previous questions before posting, but didn't seem to find anything that addressed my issue.  I read through the post your referenced and unfortunately it was not a solution for my issue, I do not seem to have the ability to right click on any of the data within MS Query.  I have attached a newly recreated query with the exact same select statement as the old now non-working query, to show the difference between the the layout (with and w/o tables showing).  I can't seem to understand why I am all of sudden not able to see the tables of queries we have been using for several years.  I can't seem to correlate any server changes / updates.
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