How do I bulk disable "Auto update email address based on email address policy" for all mail public folders?

Hi everyone, we have Exchange-2010 (SP3 RU16) and we're migrating to Office 365 including our public folders, I've searched everywhere for a powershell script which will bulk disable public folder "Auto update email address based on email address policy". Ben Personic graciously provided a script that would remove all of our unwanted (un-owned domains) lingering in our mail public folders, however, we first need to disable the setting "Auto update email address based on email address policy" for the script to work.  I haven't found anything out there that will do such a thing.  There is a script for disabling Mailbox "Auto update email policy", but nothing for MailPublicFolder.  We have 748 mail public folders so manually opening each one via gui is going to be painful.  Migrations are nothing new, I'm surprised I'm not finding anything out there.  Any help would be great! Thank you!

Public Folder Email Policy
Wes HunterIT OperationsAsked:
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Wes HunterIT OperationsAuthor Commented:
This works: get-mailpublicfolder | set-mailpublicfolder -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false
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