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I need to show addresses as pins on a google map. The following criteria I am in need of:

1.) The list of addresses will change daily. I don't mind uploading the new data every morning.
2.) This map needs to be used by about 4 different people in different locations. I am hoping this can be some sort of URL that they can book mark. Everyday they go to that same URL.
3.) The 4 people will need to search the map ie: enter full address, city, or zip code and see the pins.

Any idea's? I see geobatching most likely can do it... put that is $100 a month which is out of our budget. Any free or less expensive options? Can Google Fusion Tables accomplish this?


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RartemassConnect With a Mentor Service Desk AnalystCommented:
Have you tried Zeemaps?
They have a free service at
RartemassService Desk AnalystCommented:
Link provided fits the requirements of the question.
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