We are looking for a best solution for a VOIP startup company.

We are a VOIP startup based in Singapore and need some advisory in this front. We plan to offer services to two different segments ;

1.      Residential voip – essentially to people who want to call out locally and to foreign destinations. Primary objective is to provide international calling capability to foreigners residing in Singapore at low rates (usually 1 cent per minute for calls to popular destinations) in contrast to high rates charged by local telcos.

2.      Business VOIP / PBX / SIP : essentially to a business (which in itself can be group of employees). Each employee can login using a softphone like Zoiper / bria etc. Then there can be call groups, IVR etc.

We are currently battling with software components and best options. Have had calls with few providers but the solutions they provide seems bit rudimentary. For example for some of them billing solution is not adequate. Free minutes can not be accounted adequately.

So can experts recommend a software solution which is reasonably advanced and can take care of upto 1000 clients. I guess we need here a class 5 softswitch + a hosted multitenant solution with webportal for tenants.

The key we are looking for is a sophistication which can help us to scale.

We are ok with quality paid services from hosted switch PBX providers, and dont mind having 1: 1 call with experts to discuss further.
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masnrockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In terms of the actual backend PBX, you could look at something like 3CX or Mitel (MiCloud for Service Providers). With 3CX, I believe you would have more work to do in terms of development, but you can check with them and see what your options are in that sense.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Have you looked at ringcentral.com ? I'm not sure whether or not the partner program is good for you
Echo David' suggestion (not specifically the carrier, there might be others similar) to initially be a reseller of services though you would not have such pricing control.
Until such time that you have enough to finance/build out.
If you already providing ISP services in the region, you have to find telco, or as David's suggestion connect with a provider who provides trunks to you, if your customers only need to place calls, versus have their own numbers...
Once you start down this road,

Your capital investment to get the requisite infrastructure setup.
Not sure how far have you gotten in your research, much of your per-minutes pricing would depend through whom your users will be going to connect.
Often the party where the call initiates gets charged fees for each interconnect to get to the destination carrier.
Vaibhavjoshi2005Author Commented:
We want to do it with our servers, using our softswitch, PBX solution. Going along with ringcentral will give us partner revenue but not an opportunity to create our own brand. Besides we are located in Asia Pacific.
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