Print preferences do not match preferences held on print server.

Hello All.

We run RDS sessions on a farm of 5 servers running Server 2012 with a Print server running 2008.
On the print server we have a followme print queue set-up so that jobs can be released anywhere in the building.
Currently the followme printer is not added through GPO and is added by the systems team when we set-up the rest of a new user workspace.

We have some user reporting that the default printer preferences that are set when they log on to a new session are different to the settings that we have set on the main print driver on the followme queue.
This is causing issues with some spreadsheets where we have a macro to print certain information as it loaded but its coming through double sided when the default should be set as single sided. It is only affecting some users and these users sessions (as of posting the question today at least) are hosted on different servers so I can't even narrow it down to an issue with how a particular server initiates the RDS session.

If you have any questions please ask away.

Kind regards

Matt BartlettAsked:
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