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Access Form: Hide lines between columns


On an Access form how do I hide the inner lines between columns.
They are still showing as in  the image.

User generated image
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Anders Ebro (Microsoft MVP)
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What view type is the form?
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It is a report
It looks like a form in datasheetview to me.

Is it a form or report? If a report, just adjust borders of the texboxes to Visible=No.
Hi. It is definitely a report as shown in the image "rptInvoice" and the control is a ListBox
User generated image
OK. And the borders of the controls?
I don't see any option to turn off the gridlines.  You will have more control if you make a subreport.  You can hide the borders to make it blend it with the report.
How would I use a subreport?
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Great. Thanks very much