Scanning to an iPad - what are some ways to get from an HP printer (or other way) onto an iPad for person with mobility issues

Helping a friend that has mobility problems.

They have an HP OfficeJet 3830 (relatively new All in one printer).  They want to scan 8 1/2 x 11 pages and have them accessible on their ipad for viewing. I am most familiar with Dropbox.

A couple ways I came up with, but not the best - the first because of limited mobility problems, the 2nd because there's several steps and more likely something stops working?

1) the dropbox app on ipad lets you take pictures / scans of papers and makes PDFs.  But again, with the mobility issues, this would be too much for them.

2) set up a computer with the HP software and dropbox running on it.  They scan from the printer, it goes to the laptop. The folder that the scans go to would also be the dropbox folder, the files go up to the cloud, then back down to the ipad.  They do have a 'spare' laptop, but that would have to stay on all the time / on the LAN with the printer.  Doable, but a nuisance to have a PC dedicated just for this and inevitably, witih patches, reboots, etc.  something in the process will break at some point... am I jaded or a realist <g>?

Are there other ideas?  Looking for simple (in process and for mobility issues) and relatively low cost.

Are there other printers or even this one with scan to cloud capabilities?  IS there a way to scan from HP all in one to an ipad directly?

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Many other MFPs will scan to email or shared folder directly. Unfortunately the OfficeJet 3830 requires software running on a PC to do this. One reason for this is that it only has a USB interface, so it needs a PC in order to connect to any network.

Examples of printers with direct network scan abilities are available from many manufacturers. Look for a printer with a network interface, but even then you need to look at the data sheet or manual to ensure it can scan without PC software. They cost a little more, but they will make your life easier. The Brother MFC-J680DW is just one reasonably priced example; there are many more.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Ideally what you need is a Network-enabled sheet-feed scanner.  In effect you need a stand-alone scanner which can scan, store and upload over Wifi to the router in the users house to the Internet.  The document store can then be accessed on the iPad.
You drop a bundle of pages in and minutes later they are all online and viewable

Problem : The hardware to do this isn't cheap - you don't need a full network-enabled scanner as these cost $1000+ but you'll need to spend $250- $400 for a wifi device which can do what you want
This one is the cheapest and can scan DIRECTLY to iPad without in-between steps
or this one for a little more

If there is a PC always switched on you can use the PC to manage the scanner software and upload the files as you indicate and use a simpler scanner but you are correct that you now have to maintain a PC/Laptop and keep it updated.
These compact sheet-by-sheet scanners are handy and portable

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BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
HD: Yes, someone reminded me of the embedded web server. I always thought of that being for status / admin... not for scanning, etc.

It DOES have wifi and they CAN print to it from the ipad. I'm going there today to see what I can do in the EWS.

Being there's mobility issues, I'm hoping for just putting a page on the glass or feeder and hit a couple buttons on the screen of the printer and things get put on dropbox.

Eoin: they already have the all in one printer, so for space and cost issues, they'd rather not need another device.  

GOing to try the EWS and then laptop always on approach in an hour : (
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
I think you'll find the Print FROM the iPad over WiFi or AirPrint works fine but scanning TO the iPad over WiFi is not a feature of HP scanners at that all-in-one end of the market.

If new hardware is not an option .. then you're looking at attaching to a laptop and opening the lid and scanning a page at a time on the flatbed as there is no sheetfeed scanner adapter or add-on for that device either.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
Thank you everyone!  Was it from here or elseshere I learned about the  apple app - HP Smart - we installed on the ipad. that connects to the printer over wifi and lets you start the scan once you put paper on the glass or feeder. Then it lets you either put the file into dropbox or into the ipad itself.

I came in thinking of dropbox to store the files, but for their free level, you can't make an entire folder available offline - can't be sure they would have internet access all the time to get to the files

So with the other option in the hp smart app to 'save to my files', we went with that so files are available even without internet access.
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