Kodak Scan Station 710 not Prompting for User Input for naming file

Kodak Scan Station 710. Scan Settings. File Name Settings. There a few options, one is USER INPUT. However I cannot seem to get the unit to prompt for USER INPUT

Is there anyone out there that knows anything about these devices? Kodak nosupport is not helpful.
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polysciConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
No solution,
polysciAuthor Commented:
Response from Kodak "Support":

Thank you for the information that you provided. Unfortunately, your scanner is not under warranty or a Service Agreement so the service that we provide will be limited.  Please de-install and re-install the drivers this is often a solution.  The address to download the drivers is https://www.kodakalaris.com/en-us/b2b/solutions/document-scanners/desktop/scan-station-710/support#Software.

Best Regards,
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