How to backup Exchange data to a local or cloud in an easily readable format

We have an SBS2011 server and are planning to migrate to office 365 once the server eventually crashes.

aside from our company's data files (which is a separate topic question on EE) the only other service we rely on using on our server is Exchange for our email.

is there a way to backup our exchange server to a local drive or the cloud in a format where, if we need to access it, we don't have to install exchange server?

Basically, if there's a server crash, we do not plan to buy a new server and reinstall SBS2011 and would migrate to office 365 for our email needs.  but how do we recover all our emails that we had on the exchange server in a simple manner?  if the backup could somehow convert the database to a large PST file that would be awesome but I doubt this is possible.

suggestions are appreciated.

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CodeTwo SoftwareConnect With a Mentor Software DeveloperCommented:
I see two options you have here. You can perform mailbox backups to PST using PowerShell. This requires a bit of manual work and is not perfect, but well, this will work and you will be able to import those PST files to Office 365.
Here is a complete tutorial on how to backup Exchange emails to PST files
Mind that this counts as "a PST migration to Office 365" and there are some things that can go wrong on the way.

If you are looking for a more reliable option and are considering third-party tools, I recommend looking at CodeTwo Backup for Exchange. This software lets you perform automatic, brick-level backup of your Exchange mailboxes to a local storage. If your server crashes, you can restore mailboxes to Office 365.
viktor grantConnect With a Mentor Exchange ServersCommented:

You can backup your Exchange Server with Windows server backup if you have any problem with the databases. You can always recover the database from Exchange backup that make copy of the edb files. You have other backups like Veeam backup.

If you have the edb file of database you can with other tools recover pst files.

You have the option to make PST backups of the Outlook can always import the PST to a different mailbox in Office 365.

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