Addition of new DFS 2016 server and DFS replication

Hi Experts, have an existing DFS setup with a single namespace and single server. This server is 2008 R2. I am planning to add a new 2016 DFS server to this namespace. What would be the safest way to do this?

Would I need to create the folder structure in 2016 to match 2008 server, copy the data first and then start the replication? Or would you suggest just adding the server and allowing the copying to take place though DFS? I do not want to be in a scenario where the new DFS server without any data is added to replication and on starting replication it removes data from the 2008 server

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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Let DFS create the folder structure on the new target. Done properly, it won't remove things off the source. Delete operations are logged transactions. They aren't simply "this file is missing so I'll delete it."

But, as always, have a backup.
abhijitm00Author Commented:
Thanks I will try that and update
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