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RDP shortcut on taskbar requires user to click connect

A remote Desktop .RDP file on the Windows 10 desktop connects to the host without me having to click connect or providing credentials.  When I pin THAT file to the taskbar, I have to click the connect button before it will connect.  Not a big deal, but annoying.

I open Remote Desktop Connection, provide the address for the host, click options, provide the user name, click Allow me to save credentials, and connect.  Then click "Use another account", provide the appropriate username and password, and click Remember my credentials.  Click OK (check don't ask again) and it connects.  Disconnect.  Start Remote Desktop again, Make sure Always ask for credentials is NOT checked, then Save As...  Navigate to desktop, name the connection and save.  Close Remote Desktop Connection.  Double click the saved .RPD file on the desktop.  It connects and logs in ~with no other interaction~.   Close that session.  Click and drag the .RDP file to the taskbar.  It says "Pin to Remote Desktop Connection".  Now click on the taskbar "icon" and I have to click "connect" before it will connect.  

*I DID find that if i RIGHT-click the taskbar icon and choose the host, it connects without my having to click "connect".  This tells me that the taskbar icon only starts RDP, not the actual RDP file that I dragged to the taskbar.   I think I need to find a way to pin the actual FILE to the taskbar...
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McKnife:  I have clarified in my lengthy edit.
I get a checkbox "don't ask again for connections to this computer" and I use it and I don't need to click on connect, anymore.
The key is to make a desktop shortcut to [explorer.exe <location of .rdp file>] then drag THAT to the taskbar and pin it.  Then the desktop shortcut can be deleted.
While this was not the answer I needed, it made me consider the difference and try another method.  Thank you, McKnife.