Laptop only boots to BIOS

I am working on an Asus X751. When you press on the power button the laptop goes immediately into the BIOS every time. I have tried disabling safe boot,
removing the user and administrator passwords in the BIOS.
I have taken the laptop apart and replaced the CMOS battery but that din't help. I have removed the the main battery and the CMOS battery
and held the power button down for 30 seconds and that didn't help.
The laptop will only boot to the BIOS and not the splash screen or OS.
Any ideas?
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Ares KurkluSoftware EngineerCommented:
You may want to check the bios options to see if there is a hard disk present and selected as boot device?

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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
From the problem description, I read this as "I start up the laptop, I don't hit any keys, but the system goes right into BIOS setup."

To me, that says keyboard problems with either a stuck key or a broken keyboard.  Give all the keys a good solid push, make sure they move correctly, and in particular inspect the ESC and Fn keys.  Turn the system upside down and give it a good shake - if there is something stuck under a key this might release it.

Differential diagnostic:  If you still have the system open, disconnect the keyboard and start the machine. See if the problem persists.
Paul TomasiCommented:
While you'e at it, you may want to visit Asus's website and download the latest BIOS update for your laptop and install it if there is one.

In addition to Ares Kurklu's advice, try loading the default options for your BIOS (see your BIOS for details).

By the way, does your BIOS detect and show your hard drive?

Does your laptop have a CD or DVD drive - and if so, are you able to boot from a CD?

You can download a live CD from the web if you don't already have one. A common one is UBCD found here:

Use UBCD to diagnose your laptop.
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Ares KurkluSoftware EngineerCommented:
Trying to boot from another device is a good idea, you may try to boot from usb as well, a small version of linux like knoppix etc.
If it boots it may potentially be a disk issue.
RaneeshIT SupportCommented:
Please have a look at the below link, similar issues. See whether it helps you to fix the problem

personally I would first try to (re)flash the BIOS using an USB drive with Easy Flash and the latest available BIOS version:

After that load the default settings and reboot.

Paul TomasiCommented:

...(re)flash the BIOS...
...latest available BIOS version...
...load the default settings...

Hmmm... Interesting. Didn't I already state all that in my post above?

Well I obviously must have overlooked your comment paul my mistake. Otherwise I wouldn't even bother responding.

I did provide a specific procedure that might be of use. In the end we are all just here to help.

vlogg5Author Commented:
All good suggestions. I first tried Ares advice and determined that it was the HDD.
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