Strange RDP screen glitch

We have a strange issue that I can't get to the bottom of, some times the screen does not fully refresh eg if a user clicks a button and opens a new screen some times the top cm of the screen sort of just overlaps and does not actually properly refresh.

Has anyone else here got an idea what this could be?

It seems just one or two users.

Everyone is logged into a terminal server (2012r2)
Jack 50Asked:
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Jack 50Author Commented:
Nah, that's not relevant. its on the server site...  as some are pcs to rdp and some a thin client. hell, i even get the issue in teamviewer
RaneeshIT SupportCommented:
Have you tried removing and re-installing / or updating the video drivers ?
Could you please upload an image
Jack 50Author Commented:
yep done that. same with all micrsoft updates
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