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I am appending a query to a table. The question I have is can you replace the old data in the table with the new data from the query without having to go into the table and delete the old data? Right now if you click append twice it will just keep adding the same information. I want it to overwrite the old info in the table.
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Paul Cook-GilesSenior Application Developer
If your table, and the source of the query, share a unique identifier (the primary key), then you can create an update query by matching your table to the source and updating the non-key fields.  Otherwise, run two queries:  a delete query to empty the table, and an append query to copy the data from the source into the target.
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Actually, you can create what many call an UPSERT query, which updates data where it already exists, and appends where it doesn't.  The syntax for that is something like:
SELECT Field1, Field2, Field3
FROM SomeTable
)  AS ST 
LEFT JOIN DestinationTableName as DT 
ON ST.Field1 = DT.Field1   
SET DT.Field1 = ST.Field1
, DT.Field2 = ST.Field2
, DT.Field3 = ST.Field3

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You will note that I have a subquery to select the values that I want to insert into the destination table.  You need to make sure that this SELECT subquery contains all of the fields you need to ensure that the records in the recordset you want to update/append from match with those in the destination table

NOTE: Make sure you backup your database before you attempt this.
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Do you update the data in the database by any other method except the spreadsheet?  If the answer is yes, then how do you propose to determine which version of the record, field by field, is current?
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Yes you can. Follow the few steps here:

Combined "update or append" query


Thanks for the help!

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