Configuring Airport Time Capsule on Existing Network

PArdon the dumb question.  Not really an Apple Person. I have to install an IMAC w/ an Airport Time Capsule at a client's location tomorrow. They have an existing wireless network but, I'm not sure if it is Apple or not. How do you configure the Airport to use the existing wireless network?  Of note. the location is very large and the Time Capsule won't be near the Modem or router.
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Eoin OSullivanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
The TimeCapsule can be configured to EXTEND the WiFi network as a repeater and should work with almost all other WiFi standards b/g/n etc and WPA2 encryption.

If the TimeCapsule is at the edge of the range of the current WiFi network then you might have issues and either re-position the device or connect it via Ethernet ideally to the LAN.
genusysAuthor Commented:
Thank you. It was straight forward.
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