parsing problem with xml definitions

powershell find value of a xml tag in the attached xml

I want to find the COEStatusCode (in this case its unknown)

I tried $xmldata = [xml] (Get-Content https-photos.xml)
and then $xmldata.Objs.Version.COEStatuscode but it doesnt look like I am doing the right thing.

I'd like to know how to parse such xmls.

Thank You!
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rastoiWindows DTS expertCommented:
probably due to invalid xml format. tha t "version" inside <XD> field cancels further interpreting.
there no correct xml structure inside and whole part between <XD> and </XD> is represented like one string
rastoiWindows DTS expertCommented:
I played a bit with and this transformation makes the trick

[xml]$a =get-content C:\https-photos.xml 

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with output:

ns1                  : Output:EBSHRIS:Timesheet:List
COEStatusCode        : UNKNOWNERROR
 COEStatusDescription : the HTTP response code of 500 indicated a server error. The response data may contain a reason.
ResultCount          :
ResultList           :

so you can query then $b.xml.Envelope.body.PhotoList.COEStatuscode directly
No need for character based editing here. That is valid xml, and it's just an exported/serialized xml PowerShell variable.
So all you need to do is import the file, and you can access the real xml directly:
$xml = Import-Clixml -Path C:\Temp\https-photos.xml
$COEStatusCode = $xml.Envelope.Body.PhotoList.COEStatusCode

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Once imported back into PS, the xml looks like that, btw:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:soapenc="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
		<ns1:PhotoList xmlns:ns1="Output:EBSHRIS:Timesheet:List">
			<COEStatusDescription>the HTTP response code of 500 indicated a server error. The response data may contain a reason.</COEStatusDescription>

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DevSupportAuthor Commented:
Thank You so much!!
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