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User wants to forward contact ceneter voicemails (separate VOIP Sysem) to xxx@domain.com,  email ID and then forward it to two different email ID

So I have informed it is not possible to forward voicemails from one mailbox to another.

So I have suggested to create shared mailbox and add the users to shared mailbox , who and all wants to monitor voicemails. Then configure shared mailbox in user outlook. So they can monitor the voicemails.

But requester don’t want to create new mailbox in their outlook. For her voicemails has to directly go to users inbox.

SO my question is can we send voicemails to DL’s. Like our team DL?
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Amit KumarCommented:
Voicemails are personal thing they will be sent always to whom it is enabled. To access others either they can access using voice mail number and actually recipient has to share PIN with delegates or voice mail user can share his/her Inbox folder to delegates.

Or more you can set full access to delegates for voice mail user.
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