Type/size of cases for an Intel S2600cp server system board

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What type(s) or sizes of cases will an Intel S2600cp server system board fit in?

I'm looking to get a smaller sized case but want to make sure that the Intel S2600cp server system board and power supply will fit in it.

Attached are the manual and service guide for the Intel S2600cp server system board.

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The form factor is SSI EEB (specifically 12" 13") - see https://ark.intel.com/products/56334/Intel-Server-Board-S2600CP4

A Google search shows a large number of possible choices.  Here's one list of results from NewEgg https://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Description=ssi%20eeb%20case&Submit=ENE
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Reece Dodds,

Do these New Egg cases also include a power supply that will be fully compatible with the Intel S2600cp server system boards? Or do the power supplies need to be bought separately?
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You may have to contact the seller.  If you click any of the listings - you will see that they don't list a PSU included.  You'd recognize if a PSU included as it would specify the output wattage (eg. 600W).
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A standard normal PSU will power the motherboard, e.g. with ATX connector a 2 x 8 PIN PCI-E for the processors.

But you may want a PSU which fits your case, and then there's do you want hot plug or redundant PSUs!

see here


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