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We have three ESXI hosts in a cluster. One ESXi host has 18Core with 2 CPU (2x18 core) and other two are 2x8 core=16 core.
We do not know how many SQL would be in few months. Do we have to buy core license to cover all core, in this case, 36+16+16  to support vMotion? Total core for multiple SQL servers will be around 30Core.
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Per Core licenses require to buy license for each available core on the machine or virtual machine. Minimum is 4 cores per available CPU. Next rule says the license is possible move/migrate to a different hardware after 90 days if you don't have Software Assurance. So you would need Software Assurance to fully utilize vMotion. SA can give you additional advantages.

The most efficient is to install the SQL Server on a machine/VM where all cores are dedicated to the SQL Server. You may reduce the number of cores in SQL Server setup but this does not reduce the number of necessary licenses. Another option is to create VM with exact number of cores for your current SQL Server need and extend the number of cores when necessary. This must be done without moving the VM to a different hardware if you don't have SA.
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Make a VM with 4 vcores, and apply 2x (2 core) sql licenses. You can add more anytime, but this is the minimum. For most situations this is plenty, just add the ram you need.
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Just for curosity and cause Aaron already pointed it out: How much physical memory has this machine? And what kind of memory architechture?
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