How do I only backup databases in Plesk?

I have Plesk Onyx Version 17.8.9 on a Windows 2016 server.

I would like to use the Plesk Backup Manager to ONLY backup all MS SQL 2016 databases within a Subscription. I do not want to include any site files, just the MS SQL databases. The backup options only allow for User files and databases but not just the databases.

If this cannot be done within Plesk then it would be appreciated if you can show how it can be done using other means such as a batch file command or from MS SQL Server Management Studio.
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Máté FarkasDatabase Developer and AdministratorCommented:
Simlest way to do this in Windows command line on the server with this command:
sqlcmd -Q "BACKUP DATABASE [PleskDatabase] TO DISK = 'C:\PlestDatabase.bak'"

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You should replace PleskDatabase to the name of the database of Plesk on SQL Server.
Make sure that full path of the backup file is valid.
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