Driver for IBM Ultra Nav keyboard.

Please advise as to correct driver for Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, for IBM Keyboard. (now known s UltraNav).

         Model No. SK 8835
         P/N R0400
          S/N 09396277

I would also like to receive detailed instructions on how to install driver.   I am not a computer professional.  I am a 76 year old visuallay iimpaired computer user.
William LoescherAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The driver is for the trackpoint / trackpad and not the keyboard.

Go to Lenovo Support and enter your computer model number or the computer serial number (model number is normally easier).  

Get the list of drivers, scroll down to Ultra Nav, download the most recent one and install it.

Also, please look in Control Panel.  If you have Lenovo Update in Control Panel, run that. Update may find and install the driver for you.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Hi William,
First, I see that you joined Experts Exchange today and this is your first question here, so let me say...Welcome Aboard! Second, to your question, I'm sad to say that I doubt if you'll be able to get it to work on W10/64-bit. I've had no luck getting an SK-8845RC (very similar to the SK-8835 and SK-8845) to work on W7/64-bit, let alone W10/64-bit. You may have better luck with the SK-8835, but it's doubtful. In my extensive (failed!) research on getting the SK-8845RC to work in W7/64-bit, I ran into this thread at the Lenovo forums that's worth a read for you:

I also ran into this:

I tried all the drivers there, including 6hgx81ww, q2kyb02us13, v2kyb03us17, and joy in W7/64-bit...hard to imagine that any of them would work in W10/64-bit, although it can't hurt to try.

The search below gets 34 hits at the Thinkpads forum:

Maybe you'll have better luck with some of those hits than I've had with SK-8845 and SK-8845RC searches, but I remain highly skeptical of getting your SK-8835 UltraNav keyboard to work on W10/64-bit. Good luck! Please post back here if you get it to work — I'm very interested! Thanks, Joe

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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
I have spent hours upon hours trying to get a driver for the SK-8835 and SK-8845 to work on W10 Pro 64-bit. Of course, it works as a standard keyboard and mouse, but the idea is to get a driver installed so that the Synaptics touch-pad and touch-stick can be controlled via the Mouse applet in Control Panel. I'm convinced that there isn't a driver out there that can do it. If anyone can prove otherwise, please post here. But, at this point, I believe that this is one of those cases described [url=""]here[/url], as follows:[quote]Sometimes, the unfortunate truth is that what you’re asking isn’t possible. While “you can’t do that” is never what an asker wants to hear, that doesn’t make it any less true. If the experts tell you that what you’re trying to accomplish isn’t possible, they are still giving you a correct answer, so make sure you close your question properly by awarding points to the expert who provided this answer.[/quote]In light of that, I have selected the "you can’t do that" post as the solution, but if anyone can prove otherwise, please let us know.
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