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I am trying to configure DFS file shares, and I was wondering if someone could validate my settings. It seems to be working, but I am uncertain if it is configured correctly.

I have 3 servers (all Windows 2016 server operating system), server-1, server-2, server-3. I would like to have the share, "common" on server-1 (which points to z:\common) replicate to server-2 (z:\common) as well a server-3 (z:\common). server-2 is to to synchronize and replicate any changes in its z:\common back to server-1. Same thing configuration for server-3 with server-1

I created a name space called "pubilc"  ("\\domain.local\public") and added 3 namespace servers, server-1, server-2, server-3, using shared folder "public" with local path of shared folder "z:\common"

In replicated section, I created "Shared files" and I added server-1, server-2, server-3; each server is a member of the domain, On the replication tab, the name is defined as "common", the path is z:\common, and membership status is enabled.

I have ran some tests, and when I add a file /or folder to share on server-1, it appears almost instantly on server-2 as well as server-3. Same mechanism works when a file or folder is added to the share on server-2 or server-3. It seems that I am getting the replication that I want.

I can access the DFS share by typing (on any domain member computer) \\domain.local\public.

So it seems to be  working correctly. Is the configuration that I explained here correct?

Thanks in advance!
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
If you only want replication, you don't need a namespace.  DFS-R and DFS-N are separate features and don't need to be implemented together.

Besides that, you are configured correctly.  Depending on your goals though, be aware that DFS does *NOT* lock files. So if these are all on the same LAN and you encourage users to use DFS-N, file conflicts are going to be highly likely.  That isn't a "problem" with your configuration or with DFS-R. It is a design decision and is a limitation of how DFS works.

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mbudmanAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your assistance
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