Exchange 2013 Datacenter Switchover

Datacenter Fail over

Hello Team,

We are running with Exchange 2013 and having two data center, I need to know how to successfully achieve the Datacenter Switch over during disaster

Datacenter 1
1. MBX1 (Mailbox Server) - 1
2. Hyb1 (Hybrid Server) - 1
3. Edge Server 1

Datacenter 2
1. MBX2 (Mailbox Server) - 1
2. Hyb2 (Hybrid Server) - 1
3. Edge Server 1

and 2 Edge Server

We are running in hybrid mode, need to achive, how to switover the Exchange Server to Datacenter 2 without any impact

Please suggest the steps to follow
Addy NadiaExpertAsked:
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Jian An LimConnect With a Mentor Solutions ArchitectCommented:
first thing, if your DAG still alive, then don't do anything,

follow Activating Mailbox Servers

in summary, you need to
1. stop cluster
2. Restore-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup to specify use alternative witness
3. it should be up running - activate the mailbox database if block and review log.
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
hybrid mode of office365?

first, hybrid server is a mailbox server that do not host mailbox, so there are not much of failure as said, it is more about how your DNS and load balancer operate.

for database, since you only have 2 copies, then you will need to make sure your file witness server is available for quarum point of view.

more readings
Addy NadiaExpertAuthor Commented:
Yes we have hybrid mode of ofifce365
so nothing to worry from Office365 side

now for Exchange specially, could you suggest, what actually steps i need to take care, we have 5000 mailboxes and distributed among both mailbox server
having 1 DAG
1 mailbox database having two copies, = one active and one passive
Passive is on second data center and vice versa

Could you please suggest me the steps
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Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
you can shutdown your MBX1, and MBX2 will take over automatically. since it is not a complete datacenter fail over.

the steps is highlighted here

Terminating a Partially Failed Datacenter

Activating Mailbox Servers
Addy NadiaExpertAuthor Commented:
Hello Jian,

we have File share witness in primary site and also just for your information, we have enabled the DAC mdoe and created the alternate witness directory

Now further what steps we need to take in secondary site, once Primary site is down
in secondary site, we have one Mailbox server, one hybrid and one edge server.
Please suggest the steps to follow
Senior IT System EngineerIT ProfessionalCommented:
If the DAG is already configured properly, then why not test it by shutting down the Exchange server in Data Center 1 ?
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