deleting a dynamic distribution group

We have Exchange 2007 in a hybrid Office 365 environment.  I'm trying to do a simple delete of a dynamic distribution group.  I deleted this group on-premise in the gui.  On our exchange 2007 servers the group is definitely deleted.  However, I've waited about 24 hours but still when I log into owa it's still in the GAL.  Any suggestions?
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Dynamic DGs do NOT get synced to Office 365/Exchange Online. Whatever you are seeing in the GAL is not the on-premises DDG object.
check from exchange online admin center if group is still there..

may be your Azure AD Connect is not syncing or got stopped...
jkimzlgAuthor Commented:
for these particular dynamic distribution groups we have about 100 of them.  when I look in my exchange admin center, none of these dynamic groups show up.
jkimzlgAuthor Commented:
To delete from the Exchange Online GAL you must delete it from the 'Contacts' area on Office 365.  See below for more detail:

Dynamic Distribution Groups located on-premises will not appear in the GAL for Exchange Online users. To make these groups appear, Microsoft recommends creation of a contact object directly in Exchange Online with the SMTP address of the on-premises dynamic group. Since the contact is created on the cloud side and the dynamic group does not sync, there is no risk of an address conflict. The Exchange Online users can then see the “group” (really represented by a contact) in the GAL and sending a message to it will route on-premises where the group members will be evaluated.
jkimzlgAuthor Commented:
Thanks, this helped me discover the solution.
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