DIgital Film and Slide Conversion

I am running Windows 10.  I have a "Hammacher Schlemmer film and slide digital converter" that I got with my Windows XP computer.  For some reason the device doesn't work with my Windows 10 computer (I tried updating the drivers).  All my other Windows XP-era devices work on my newer computer.  Is there a way to get this working again?


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BillDLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All the Windows versions up to Windows 10 had in-built support for the technology known as TWAIN.  This support was discontinued in Windows 10 in favour of WIA (Windows Image Acquisition).  I believe that this applies only to the 64-bit versions of Windows 10.  Most computers bought with Windows 10 will have been 64-bit, but people upgrading a 32-bit version of Windows 7 will probably have ended up with the 32-bit version.  Drivers for scanners were written to make use of the existing TWAIN technology in those previous versions of Windows.  Unless the vendor has a driver that is specifically listed for Windows 10, it is highly unlikely to work in that operating system without some kind of workaround.  There are loads of different brands that make these types of negative and slide scanners, and I will hazard a guess that drivers for other brands might easily work on yours, but it would be hit-and-miss searching the support pages of different manufacturers and testing out more recent drivers to see if they work for your device.

What device drivers did you try to install?

In any image editing application I have ever used in those versions of Windows there has always been an option to Import from a TWAIN source where you would be able to select the source from a scanner or webcam that was already configured and connected.
Do you see your device listed in the Import source?
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
Which model number do you have? I see they still make and sell them.
Dr. KlahnConnect With a Mentor Principal Software EngineerCommented:
If you can't find a driver, probably a better choice for ongoing compatibility and support is a Plustek Optifilm scanner.  They retail for around $500 but can be had on fleabay for a little bit under $100.  The resolution is quite good and the later models have infrared dust detection and refocusing.

Fleabay search for Plustek Optifilm scanners

Of course there's always the option to buy an older PC with Windows 2000 or XP and use it specifically for the scanner you have, then sell the whole lot as a special-purpose system when done transferring the media.  $25 should get a decent system.
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philsimmonsAuthor Commented:
75800 is the number on the bottom.
It appears that this device only works with XP or 32 bit Vista.  You could try a virtual machine running Windows XP or if you have an old version of Windows 7 run XP Mode in that.

philsimmonsAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
Thank you Phil
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