Copying Files and Folders between servers

 I have SBS2011 Server and like to migrate to Windows 2016 Server and I need to copy existing files and folders from SBS to W2016.
 Say there are 3 user accounts in SBS and I created same three users in W2016 - same username and password.
 is there an easy way to copy all these files from SBS to W2016 in one command like using ROBOCOPY while letting ROBOCOPY detecting existing shared folders on SBS and create shares on W2016 on the fly?

 To minimize network downtime during switch-over, I like to copy files and folders (from SBS to W2016) in advance and on the day of switch, I like to be able to copy only new and changed files & folders since last ROBOCOPY was run.

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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Windows (SBS) domains use SIDs to secure files, not usernames.  You can set up new users with the same usernames and passwords all you want. That won't make copying the files any easier.

Robocopy will copy the actual files, no problem. But with new users, you'll basically have to manually set up the ACLs again.  IF you won't want to do that, migrate instead of building fresh.

No copy program will copy and set up shares on the fly.  You can export and import shares via the registry, but SIDs still play a part ...see above.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
1. Your new server should be virtualized.
2. Join the new server (after you virtualize it) to the domain.
3. Make it an additional DC in your current SBS domain. This will preserve the user accounts and SIDs necessary to preserve file and share level security.
4. You will need to export and import the share from old server to new.
5. Take a VHD of the SBS Data drive and attach it to the new VM.  Done.

For more ideas and methods of data transfer, please read my article:
File Server Migration Methods

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You can also copy the folder structure via ROBOCOPY then create/propagate the rights in the new environment THEN copy the files without bringing the rights across.  You can do mirror copies to update any changes in the source data while you are staging.

I did several Novell > Windows migrations like this.

Just a suggestion.  but I would NOT delete the source files until you are sure you have removed the users’ rights to the source data, copied everything and have a good backup.
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