Help with X axis Date/Time formatting via SSRS, Noobie

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Hi Guys,

I am straight out of school and working on my first SSRS report via SQL server 2012.  It is pretty small with only 3 lines of data.
I have an issue with the date/time formatting on the X-axis of my line graph.

My SQL Query has the following format: YYYY-DD-MM HH:MM:SEC. (Ex, 2018-02-08 13:35:37:363), however when I preview the line graph in SSRS, the X axis is formatted as MM:dd:YYYY and I am not getting the time stamp.

Attached are quick illustrations of what I am looking at.  As my SQL skills and formatting are entry level, any help would be appreciated.

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It should not create any issue related to format until you are having same format from database.

Please go refer screenshot and rdl file attached. It will help you to solve issue in your rdl.

Comment if you need any other help.

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Perfect, thanks again for the assist.

All the best.

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