voip 4 phone numbers.

call 4 phone numbers at the same time.
Only 4 not 400. Not looking for an enterprise solution.

Maybe something that combines with google voice or skype.
Want to use windows 10 computer and regular headset.
Ideally no additional hardware but if hardware is needed for 4 phone numbers then
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The auto correct, I posted a link to google voice that covers the conf call.
In short, when you are talking to the first person and others call in, the info suggests you get a voice prompt within the call asking what you want to do, .

Try it. Have a conversation with one person and have another call you.

From whom are you getting VoIP services, checking their site for conference options.

Different providers gave different implementations, limits asking in the abstract is unanswerable.
When using pbx, sound have CONF capabilities I.e. People call in and enter the extension to a conference ... Which will be limited by the number of simultaneous calls the provider can have.
I.e. One that can only have 8 simultaneous calls, can only have 8 external users participate with all internal users, but no new outgoing/incoming could be handled.
There are different features that achieve this, a cobf call, where all four dial into a number.
The other is that you initiate calls to each to conference them in, this will require that your service DSN handle four simultaneous  calls.

In these type of provider specific, it is best to raise the issue and see whether they have services that San be added on a per case basis to provide you a conferencing capabilities when needed.
It seems they include this feature:

Each person needs to call you, and when prompted, you can add each into the conference.
rgb192Author Commented:
cobf call
services that San be added

I could not find links to these two terms
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