Databases Mongo and Postgres

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Mongo vs. Postgres DB.  Can you anyone pointed pros and cons?  And from the personal experience advice?
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One is nosql and one is relational.  The first question you need to ask is what system serves your data better?

Typically this isn't a coin-flip.  Your data and how it is accessed will normally fit nicely into one model or the other.  Rarely either/or.

What type of comparison are you looking for?  Are you doing a paper?  Are you trying to convince management?
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It is closed... then again..

MongoDB is a bucket of data, compare it to a library. Fast on accessing content by titles and possibly slight categorized.
but don't  use it if the contents of the books needs to be reviewed ... ie. If a title changes, that changes in some books need to be made. (yo need to revisit the whole library to look for places to change.....
The later is named a relation.   For databases where a data is interdependent (ie has relations)  use a relational database.

The next article is too negative... but has some food for thought.

If you are looking for some kind of persistem MQ system or  a method to bulkload rawdata to process later. Mongo surely has it's place.

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