Need to remove my MacBook logon.

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How do I remove my MacBook User?

I bought a MacBook via Internet and created a User, then realized I needed to return it.

I see a Guest User as well.

How do I remove my User logon?

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Make a user with administrator status, switch to that user, delete yours. Be sure to deauthorize any accounts  and back up any data you want to save before deleting your account on that computer. Include a note with the user name/password you created for the next guy that gets the computer.

Roger Oren
curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer


There was a Guest User account already, with no password. So I logged on and went to Users.

My user account as in the list, but de-activated (dimmed). I was able to have it request a log-in so I logged in, and my account became un-dimmed.

I selected it but the minus sign at the bottom did not become active.

How do I delete my user account? I am sending this Mac back to the sender because it has a battery/power issue.
Jesse BruffettM&F-ing Sorcerer
Even simpler, boot into recovery CMD + r at boot, reformat the partition, reinstall macOS and when that's don't turn it off, don't setup a new use, let the other guy do that.
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curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer


Ok, I have two such tasks here. I have a replacement MacBook, and need to restore from a TimeMachine backup I just created on my third (old) MacBook which I use each day.

So, please explain the timing of the CMD+R button press, and how long to hold it.

And can I do the same thing to restore from a fresh Time Machine external HDD?
Hold it until the apple shows up.  Then you will be in the recovery mode.  Select disk utility to erase the OS X partition, then select Reinstall to fully reinstall OS X.  It should take about 30 minutes for a clean install, after the image is downloaded.

The quicker way is to create a new admin user.  Log in as the new admin.  Delete your old account completely.  Then open and run the following line:
sudo rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone

The system will still have the new admin user, unless the new user happens to select that name as their new account.  It won't matter because you don't have anything in it.
curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer



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