How to resize the Magnifier Dock?

In a recent upgrade from win7 to win10 i found that the size of the magnifier viewing dock was too small, and there seemed to be no way to resize the dock area.  i searched and found a user on this site asking the same question, but he didn't get the answer and was told to just go full screen.  He closed the question although it was really not answered.

Well i have discovered that the dock area can be resized and full screen mode is not the solution nor necessary.  i couldn't provide the answer since his question was marked closed.

i wanted to share my findings but couldn't seem to find how to post the solution, i clicked to submit but it errored out and i lost everything i had written.  
kenny houseCertified Quantum MechanicAsked:
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Hi Kenny,
First, I see that you joined Experts Exchange today, so let me say...Welcome Aboard! Second, I'm sorry to hear that you lost everything that you had written. This can happen at EE and any other online user forum or group or, indeed, any website. This is why many of us write our content Word, WordPad, Notepad, or whatever your favorite word processor or text editor is...with a frequent Save along the way...and then copy/paste into the online site when done. That's what I'm doing right now...writing this post in my fav text editor...and it will eventually come your way via copy/paste into EE's Comment box.

Now, to the crux of your post. I suggest writing an article describing your solution to share with the EE community. Click the Contribute drop-down at the top of any page and select "Write an Article". The guidelines for writing an article are here:

Btw, as with posts (especially, long/complex ones), I suggest writing articles offline, too, and then copy/paste into the New Article form. You'll need to do formatting while online, such as bold, italics, links, etc., and upload images or files while online, but, typically, more than 90% of the work to write an article can be done offline and it will avoid the loss of work, as you experienced today.

Another idea is to publish a video...some solutions are more amenable to a video than an article (under the "picture is worth a thousand word" mantra). To do that, click the Contribute drop-down at the top of any page and select "Publish a Video". The video guidelines are here:

I look forward to reading your article or watching your video. It sounds as if you've discovered a good solution to a problem, and with so many people upgrading from W7 to W10, it could help many EE members. Once again, welcome to Experts Exchange! Regards, Joe
kenny houseCertified Quantum MechanicAuthor Commented:
Thank you Joe, i appreciate you taking the time to explain about the offline writing--that is a good tip.

I really only wanted to post the solution, not ask a question.  In fact after the initial message loss i did create an "article" with the solution.  But i had no idea what was meant by "article", and promptly got a response that what i wrote was not one.

So that's how i ended up with this question, since the site seemed geared that way.  i think i tried clicking on something called "post" also, but i didn't see any input box for typing...

This seems to be a more helpful site than your typical forum.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
You're welcome, Kenny. I do hope that the offline writing method prevents future time loss for you.

I'm curious about your comment that you "promptly got a response that what i wrote was not one" on EE did you get that? The Article Guidelines article that I mentioned has a link to EE's minimum article guidelines, and as long as your "article" with the solution meets those minimum guidelines, I don't know why you would have been told that it's "not one", i.e., not an article.

The EE Page Editors often require improvements to articles before publishing them, but that's a good thing, as it keeps the quality high. For example, one of the minimum article guidelines is "Correct Grammar & Readability". In your initial question above, I see that you used a lower case "i" instead of upper case "I" numerous times. In standard comments, that's not an issue. In a published article, an EE Page Editor would, rightfully, want that grammatical error to be corrected.

As you can see in my EE Profile, I've published more than 80 articles and videos here, and I can tell you that the Page Editors are very good in their job. When you collaborate with them during the publication process, you'll have a better article or video when it is published. Btw, I'm in no official capacity here at EE. I'm just a "normal" member, but I've been here for a number of years and am happy to help new folks like you become contributing members of the community.

Regarding Posts, left-click inside the "Share tech news..." box:

Posts share box
That will open up this box with a flashing cursor where you may enter your Post:

Posts input box
However, in this case, I don't think that a Post (or a Question) is the right way to go. I recommend an article or video to showcase your solution.

I agree...Experts Exchange is much more helpful than a typical forum. I like that the members are nearly always friendly and welcoming here...and there are lots of folks who really know their stuff! Regards, Joe
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kenny houseCertified Quantum MechanicAuthor Commented:
Thanks again Joe, i tend to not use upper case especially when referring to myself, and that may be the reason.

My main goal was that some other old guy like myself that needed a larger dock in order to see tiny stuff on the monitor would quickly find the answer with a simple google search.  i had tried and found nothing useful, then by endeavoring to persevere i discovered the undocumented command that would give shy people the courage to do what needed to be done.

Here is the email message i received about the "article" attempt:
Hi kenny,

The following article has been reviewed by Experts Exchange editors and requires your attention:

Article: How to resize Magnifier Dock in Windows 10
Topics: Windows 10, System Utilities, Windows OS
Article Link:

All editor notes, viewable only by you, are posted in the comments section below the article.

You can edit your article by clicking the "Edit Article" link located below the article. After you have made any desired edits, please submit the article, and enter a private comment explaining the changes you have made.

Thank you again for your contribution.

Here is the "article" contents:
 change size of viewing area for the dock in magnifier

The Dock can be dragged to any location on the monitor.  To resize the viewing area, right-click on the word "Magnifier", then select "Size" from the pull down menu.  Move cursor to the bottom right corner, hold down left-button to drag the corner and make the dock larger.

and here is the private comment from Andrew:

Welcome to Experts Exchange and thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, in its current form, it does not really qualify to be published as an article. If you would like to just share some information with the community, I encourage you to use the "Post" function.

To flip your submission into an article, I'd suggest an introduction explaining how you came across this problem, the difficulties that you encountered when it was first realized and how you went about tracking the solution down. Perhaps include some screenshots to better illustrate your solution. An article should read much like a story of an event.

I also encourage you to read our Guidelines and some of our Top Rated articles to get a better idea of what's required for article submissions.

I've returned this to Draft and Author Review status for you to continue working on your idea should you want to.

I hope that's helpful.


Andrew Leniart
Experts Exchange Page Editor


As i said earlier i tried the "post" option but had no idea how to do it, or what a topic was, or how to find topics--so i was way off the trail...  kenny
Craig KehlerDirector of Customer RelationsCommented:
Hi Kenny,

Apologies for the poor workflow, we are addressing it. Which question where you wanting to add your solution to? I can open it up for you.

Welcome to Experts Exchange!
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Hi Craig,
Thanks for jumping in here. In case Kenny is out-of-pocket for a while, he almost surely means this question:

Hi Kenny,
You have four ways forward: (1) Continue to work with Andrew on enhancing the article until it's ready for publication. (2) Do a video tutorial instead of an article, since this particular issue with the Magnifier is highly visual, and showing how to do it, rather than writing how to do it, may be a better approach. (3) Now that I've explained how to make a Post, you could do that, as suggested by Andrew. (4) After Craig opens up the old question for you, you'll be able to post a standard Comment there.

Regards, Joe
Craig KehlerDirector of Customer RelationsCommented:
I've reopened the ability to comment on that question. Thanks Joe for being such great help here. We are looking at better ways for users to improve on existing solutions.
kenny houseCertified Quantum MechanicAuthor Commented:
Thanks Joe and Craig for the expert help and discussion of all this.

i decided to add a comment to answer the older question, and feel like my question has been resolved also.  Feel free to move or delete my question to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of this site and of search engine results.  merci, kenny
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
You're welcome, Kenny, and thanks back at you for sharing your solution with the EE community.

I think that we should keep this question, not delete it, because of what you cited — search engine results. For example, let's say that a member has the same exact problem and searches EE for "upgrade win7 win10 magnifier" or "upgrade win7 win10 magnifier dock". If you do those searches here, you'll see that this thread is in the results, but the thread where you posted is not. Like any search engine, results can depend on how the search is phrased, e.g., if you search EE for "upgrade w7 w10 magnifier dock", both posts are returned (because you used w7/w10 there). Anyway, there's enough good discussion here, with alternate phraseology, that I wouldn't mind seeing it in our database of Previously Asked Questions (known as simply the PAQ). The signal-to-noise ratio in this thread is acceptable, imo. :)

So, I suggest making a post after this one with the URL to your other post, which is this:

Would have been nice to include the link in your previous post here, but we'll leave that to another day. :)

Then select your own post here that has the link to your other post as the answer (Best Solution, aka Accepted Solution) to this question. When doing that, a special rule kicks in that provides a waiting period to the closing so that members may object to accepting your own post as the solution (btw, you won't get any Points for accepting your own post as either the Best/Accepted Solution or an Assisted Solution). Since you're new to Experts Exchange, I suggest reading these two support articles about accepting answers to questions:
How do I accept a comment as my solution?
How do I accept multiple comments as my solution?

They will get you going on the path to closing your questions here at EE. Also, for the special case of answering your own question, these articles will help:
I answered my own question. How do I close the question?
I answered my own question with help. How do I close the question?

In this case, I think that you should accept only your own post(s) as the solution(s) (not Craig's or mine), but the articles about accepting other/multiple comments should be helpful in your future efforts here at EE. Looking forward to further contributions from you! Regards, Joe
kenny houseCertified Quantum MechanicAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all the help on this question and the methods for posting.

Here is a link to the earlier question and answer as mentioned above:

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kenny houseCertified Quantum MechanicAuthor Commented:
Helpful information was provided by experts for posting answers.
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