Powershell to view and update ADFS certificate on the secondary server in the ADFS farm

What is the powershell remote cmd to view and update additional certificate in the ADFS farm. We have 2 ADFS servers and I cannot view or update the certificate on the secondary ADFS server since it's telling me "this cmdlet cannot be executed from a secondary server in a local database farm".
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you are using windows internal database and hence you cannot view it from secondary server console as it is read only
U simply need to replace certs from primary server
For service communication cert (public SSL), you need to update it on primary 1st and then on secondary server from local certificate console personnel store you need to replace it
CiscoAznAuthor Commented:
How do I update the Service Communication cert to the secondary ADFS server? What's the powershell cmd?
no need of powershell cmdlets

1st install new adfs SSL cert on primary server and then run below command from elevated command prompt
then use
Set-AdfsCertificate -CertificateType Service-Communications –Thumbprint xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Open in new window

Then export certificate from primary server and import it on secondary server and run above command again
do same procedure on WAP servers as well
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CiscoAznAuthor Commented:
The above cmdlet need to run from elevated PowerShell prompt on ADFS servers, In last comment I mention it to run from command prompt which is not correct.
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