Renewal of an exchange 2010 and 2013 certificate

I want to renew an Exchange 2010 and 2013 ssl (self signed) cert can someone provide a clean document
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MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
You will get lots of documents regarding certificate renewal, however you need to work on how many name spaces you will have to include in certificate
Few questions to get hostname requirements
Are u using IMAP / POP protocols?
If yes, need that hostname
Also need autodiscover
Need outlook anywhere URL
Need webmail URL
Once you decide hostname requirements, u can generate cert request and get cert from public ca
Note that certificate need to be installed on same server from where you requested
And all hostnames must be belongs to public domain. Only
Gaurav SinghConnect With a Mentor Solution ArchitectCommented:
are you currently using self signed certificate on Exchange ? if so then please follow the link for Exchange 2010

For Exchange 2013 , link is for 2016 but will work for 2013 as well
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