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I imported a management pack that looks at the interface status of a node and sends an alert as seen in the first pic.

You can see the port name is PORT-11####### instead of a friendly alias from the class properties in the second picture. i.e GB-Ethernet Port 4/4

Management is asking me if it's possible to get the Interface Alias or description from the class properties as shown in the second pic into the Alert view in the first pic so we know what it is?

Thanks a bunch.
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snyderkvConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I may have been able to simply change the alert description variables to include the interface alias but it's a sealed MP so I went and tried to recreate the aggregate and unit monitors but no luck. I can't export the sealed MP and import a new one because lots of other monitors depend on it. I'll delete this post since there is no answer and my research shows that I may have to author a custom MP using silect software MP Studio and fragments etc. :(
Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
Who made this MP? Is there any documentation url etc?
snyderkvAuthor Commented:
I attached the Audiocodes management pack user guide but I believe what I'm asking is not specific to Audiocodes but a change that can be applied to any management pack. My question for the example I gave, asks how to change an alerts display to report on a different property of class "Network Adapter (network base)", properties for the port. Like instead of using the display name, it uses the interface alias or something that achieves the same goal. Because PORT-12343545 means nothing to anyone. It would be easier if it read the Alias or description GB-Ethernet 4/4.
snyderkvAuthor Commented:
The solution may be to create a new monitor with custom alert variables.
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