implicit conversions, which should be avoided.

hi experts

i  am reading about tuning
what's the mean
Design the tables considering the implicit conversions, which should be avoided.

can you give me T-SQL code
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Please post where you are seeing this to provide context to your question.
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
An example:
- Any varchar column that stores numeric digits (0..9) when used for a comparison, it will be implicitly converted to numeric.
FROM MyTable
WHERE MyVarcharID = 100

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In the above example if MyVarcharID is for example a VARCHAR(4) field, the WHERE clause will make an implicit conversion, from VARCHAR(4) to INT so it can use the compare filter (= 100).
Maciej PileckiDatabase ArchitectCommented:
Implicit conversions happen anywhere where you are comparing columns (or expressions) of different datatypes.
Not all of them will be bad in the sense of causing performance issues but some will and it's a good idea to avoid them.

This is an example of a "nasty" implicit conversion:
FROM SomeTable
WHERE IntColumn = '100'

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Note that the literal in this case is not an int but varchar (as indicated by single quotes). Since varchar has highier datatype precedence than int, all the values of IntColumn will have to be implicitly converted to varchar before comparing them to the literal.
Vitor (above) got it slightly wrong as the implicit conversion will always be int -> varchar, not the other way around.

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