Python or Java and Recommend a Python Book

I need a good book to learn Python.

My immediate goal is to be able to update Katoolin for Ubuntu 18.04 and maintain that software as I'm Cyber Security student. (You know I need to know Python if I'm Cyber Security).

I also want to create an open source version of the software, using either Python or Java. Would recommend thoughts on this and also recommend a good book for my goals.
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You may look here for Python books:
but EE is not the right place to learn Katoolin...

Later you may start with fretboard diagrams. If you use Python then you have to decide what UI to connect. If you decide to use Java then you'll also need some (G)UI decision. You may look e.g. here:

Before you decide, discuss it with community more deeply.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
O Reilly has a good library.. on all ICT subjects IMHO.
Here is a sample of free books (some abstract, some specials, some infomercials, aka whitepapers).
The actual library is a paid version though.
burnedfacelessAuthor Commented:
Pritam PalCommented:
if you want to learn from web Here are some good online tutorials on follow this link
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