How fix references for a computer having only ms/access runtime?

 I need to deploy my app to additional computers having only ms/access runtime. How fo I fx the references?
João serras-pereiraAsked:
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
As aikimark said, Late Binding can be the solution here. However, if you're using the Office Objects reference, then the target computer MUST have Microsoft Office installed. That's the only way to get that reference. You cannot deploy it legally, and even if you could you'd have to deploy a host of other libraries to support it.

You can post a screenshot of the references on your machine, and we could tell you which ones will potentially give you troubles.

But the software just crashes without telling where.
This often means you don't have error handling in place. Each code routine must have full error handling in place, otherwise you risk an abrupt end (i.e. a crash with no information). MZ Tools is a great way to quickly add error handling to all your routines. It's no longer free, but it's well worth the money:
Bill PrewCommented:
Need more information, what references are you having problems with?  What errors are you receiving?

João serras-pereiraAuthor Commented:
Ok. I'll new a few hours to get it as the target computer is on 4,500 Km away(...) I'll get the screenshots and will come back.
Anyway, in more detail, what is happening is that, on my development computer, everything is right. As I am using third party controls, I installed them on the computer.

But the software just crashes without telling where. The target computer has no Office but only ms/access 2016 runtime, so I am blind to debugging there.

As soon as I have the screenshots, (hopefully in a few hours) I'll come back to the question
Only use late binding.  No references.
João serras-pereiraAuthor Commented:
Hi Thanks a lot! references are (for the moment), solved; the end computer will be a runtime only, but I have installed (legally) Office and could manage the errors in a better way
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