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Apple phone and internet full access

Easy question and just making sure they are 100% correct.
A visitor who will be here awhile has an Apple notebook and Apple phone.
They say wi-fi is only for their laptop and they use wi-fi for music and no internet with their phone. They are implying that their Apple phone can not access the internet. We do not believe them.

They use their laptop to transfer music to their phone and then use the phone to listen to music outside the home. The problem is they are using internet to all hours of the night. They think they can stop using the laptop at a certain hour per "rules" and only use their phone. Talking loudly on a laptop or phone is the same thing to us.

4 Solutions
Change your rules and add the no phone usage past a certain hour.  Specify noise the reason for the ban.  You want it quiet past a certain hour, then add that to the rules. Shut off your internet at a specified hour.  Your home.  Your rules.  Don't argue argue the minutia of your rules.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Also, if the visitor does not have a roaming plan or the plan is very expensive, they may be reluctant to use that and use Wi-Fi instead.  Still, it is your place, so as noted, you can set the rules.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I have an iPhone 6 sitting here with no SIM card accessing the internet thru my Wifi.  If their music on the laptop is thru iTunes, then they are accessing the internet.  I play 'Internet Radio' on iTunes all day here.
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
ALL iPhones are capable of using WiFi so they are not correct.  Of course the iPhone can access the Internet over WiFi, however they may not have a working SIM so cannot make phonecalls as Dave says.

 If it's your Internet account and your router .. turn it OFF at a certain time and cut all access to illustrate your point.

If you require Internet access yourself and don't want to cut off your own nose to spite your face in this matter, you'll need to get into the settings on your router.  Most Internet routers have an admin feature which you access from any web browser while you're on one of your own Internet devices.  With this interface you can see all the devices connected (every Internet device has a unique address (called a MAC address) and you can either revoke access / block certain devices or evn limit access hours for certain devices (only on some better quality routers).
nickg5Author Commented:
Eoin, they are trying to fool us and got up after we slept to try to locate the wires for the cable modem. The timer is well hidden but not impossible to find.

serialband: We are well past setting time limits.

I am their legal guardian but not their parent for discipline. We have no router but wi-fi through the ISP's cable modem.
I installed a timer to go off at 11pm and on at 7am. They think 11pm is too early. We don't considering they are a student.
nickg5Author Commented:
sorry meant to give everyone 250 points.
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