Installing kms server for enterprise

Hello experts. Our KMS server went down, and we need to bring it up in a new windows 2012 server. We were using vamt tool before. I have not configured a kms server before but do know how it works. Is there a good step by step how to document on configuring a kms server. If i connect it to the same sql database as before, will it pick up all the settings? Please advise, and thanks in advance
Newguy 123Asked:
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It's pretty straight forward
Install volume activation services and within that configure KMS
You need your vl key along with kms host key
Newguy 123Author Commented:
Hey, what is the difference between going through the volume activitation tools setup as in the articles youve attached abovr, and installing the vamt tool from microsoft website?
if you have 2012 R2 DC server, you can directly install VAMT as server role

If you have older windows operating systems, you need to download tool from MS site
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