how can i fix my ping

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hii I have a 10meg line and when I play online my ping wil start normal on about 250ping but after a wile my ping wil jump to 999 for about 10 seconds and back to normal sometimes longer how can I fix what can I do.
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Make some tests.  Keep a record of your pings (test, result (what happened), and the date / time.

Now ask your ISP about the results of these tests and whether your ISP modem is OK or needs servicing.

If you have a router inside, reset it to factory specifications and set it up again.
First step, find out where the problem is.

At a command prompt, type TRACERT {serveryouarepinging}

This will show the ping time for each node along the route. Some will not respond, and  a few results may be confusing. Post the results here if you like.
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In addition to these, I would be checking with the ISP whether the actual line is working correctly. Aside from hardware, there could be an issue involving your signal. What you haven't mentioned is whether you have problems doing other things. Can also check whether your MTU needs to be fixed on your router.

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