Samsung EVO 960 in a Dell Optiplex 3050

I just got in a Samsung EVO 960 and put it in a new Dell Optiplex 3050. I started off trying to restore a Acronis image backup and Acronis did not recognize the EVO 960. Next I tried installing Windows 10 from a DVD and Windows 10 doesn't recognize it either. Is said to go to Samsungs web site and download the drivers but the driver there is not a "F6" driver.

   I think the Dell recognizes it. It see it in the M.2 slot. So what am I missing? Nothing recognizes it.....
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
SSDs can be finicky devices.  They should all present to a system identically, but in the event this is not always the case.  The only solution I've got to this problem is to go out and search to see what SSDs have been successfully used in a particular system, and then buy one of those even if the price is higher than competing models.

Dell has a discussion of SSDs in this particular model:

The 3050, unlike the 5050 and 7050, accepts only PCIe devices in the M.2 slot.  A "B" card or SATA card will fit, but won't work.

There's an extremely repetitive discussion at the Acronis web site, but one particular post stands out that may apply to your situation:

"If you decide to clean install Windows 10 on these machines to PCIe M.2 drives what I believe you will find after looking at the manual you provided is that all you will really need is to have the Intel RAID controller drivers in inf/sys format copied to a flash drive so that you can point the Windows installer at them during the Windows install.  Once you do that Windows will be abel to find the drive and install to it correctly for you to achieve maximum performance from the drive on your hardware."

"For drivers go to Dell Support

Enter your machine serial number then locate the drivers and find those for Win 10 X64 Intel IRST.  These may come as exe. files in which case you will need to extract the drivers out using 7zip or something like that."
>>    I think the Dell recognizes it. It see it in the M.2 slot.   <<   when ?  post a picture to clarify
check also if there are no bios updates for your system - that address this problem
you can also contact Dell with your problem

how old is your system ?  maybe there were no drivers for it  at that time
fyi - i'm using one right now - and had to update the bios - and for windows 7 - install a driver
Sam Simon NasserIT Support ProfessionalCommented:
In the BIOS, do you see the hard disk? is it identified?
if you see it in bios then your on the right track. download partition software (i recommend partition wizard free - bootable ISO) and create the partitions. then try re-image or fresh install.
LockDown32OwnerAuthor Commented:
The problem turned out to be in the BIOS. Dell sets the SATA type as Raid (and has for years) even with just a single SATA drive. To get both Windows and Acronis to recognize it I have to change it to AHCI. Leave it to Dell.
and does it install now?
LockDown32OwnerAuthor Commented:
Yes. Windows recognizes it so I can install Windows and Acronis recognizes it so I just restored and image.
so if all is ok - don't forget to close this Q
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