I am having trouble writing a query to update a column with data from another column.

I am trying to write a query to update a "Comment" field on some records. Part of the Comment field needs to include a date from another column in each record.

For example, for the record below, I'd like to write a query that changes the comment to: "This record was created on [CreatedDate] and passed inspection."

Can someone assist?

ID   |     Comment     |     CreatedDate
1     |                           |     1/18/2018
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update TableName
set Comment = 'This record was created on ' + CONVERT(nvarchar(30), CreatedDate, 101) + ' and passed inspection.'
where ID = 1

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Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
You can, do it directly...
update t set comment = 'This record was created on '+ format(CreatedDate,'MM\/dd\/yyyy')+' and passed inspection.'
from yourtable t

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Few different ways to format the date, and probably want to check if it is a legit date by using isdate(). But the basic structure is a direct update - it knows what row it is on and you can draw on information in that row...
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
What problem are you having ?

What version of SQL Server are you on ?

format() is available from sql2012 onwards, otherwise will need to use convert(varchar(10, createddate,101)  
where 101 is the style code https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/t-sql/functions/cast-and-convert-transact-sql#date-and-time-styles

if on sql2012 or more recent, can also use format(createddate,'d','en-US')

Should probably check for a legit date :  iif(isdate(createddate) = 1, format(createddate,'d','en-US'),'')
earwig75Author Commented:
Thank you, this works great. I had a small typo in my convert. I did note on the question tags it was MS SQL 2012
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Nope, cant see any reference to ms sql 2012

bit disappointed I didnt get an assist :(
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